Gunter Grossmann

Telescopic loader Günter Grossmann GG06T.

The only one of its kind on the Polish market, new, telescopic, with a Japanese Kubota engine, 600kg load capacity.

Günter Grossmann is a high-quality machine, made for a European company. The charger is very strong and can work in all conditions. The charger is very nice. The control panel is very nice and legible.

The machine has a very durable construction. The machine is equipped with a quick coupler that will ensure a quick change of attachments.

Günter Grossmann is a manufacturer of high-quality machines.

Price list: 18000 Euro

GG06T loader + bucket + quick connector



  • Hay forks:: 800 Euro net
  • Pallet forks: 800 Euro net
  • 4in1 (crocodile) 1200 Euro net
  • Hay Grapple: 1200 Euro net
  • Snow plow: 850 Euro


  • Model GG06T
  • Engine Kubota V1505
  • Rated speed 2200r/min (rmp)
  • Fuel consumption 252g/kw.h
  • Capacity 600kg
  • Operating weight 1770 kg
  • Driving speed 0-10km/h
  • Turning radius Min 875mm / Max 2150
Operating range
  • Bucket capacity 0.35m3
  • Lifting time 8.0s
  • Drop height 3080mm
Main dimensions
  • Total length 3849mm
  • Overall height 2296mm
  • Overall width 1250mm
  • Drop height 3080mm
  • Clearance 278mm
  • Wheelbase 1400mm