Gunter Grossmann

The GG1100 mini excavator with the KUBOTA engine is 1t. a machine with a torsion arm and extendable tracks.
The latest model on the market: GG1100 from the international brand Günter Grossmann. Every Günter Grossmann machine comes with a company guarantee. The GG1100 model is a great equipment for the most demanding construction, electric and plumbing companies. We guarantee post-warranty service of the equipment. Excavators are manufactured on the basis of high technology.

We are the largest dealer in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. We have all spare parts for our brand machines.

Price list: 9900 Eur net.

Including: GG1100 excavator + 380mm bucket

GG 1100

Additional equipment for the GG1100 excavator:

  • Narrow bucket 200 mm: 195 Eur
  • Narrow bucket 380 mm: 220 Eur
  • Narrow bucket 500 mm: 270 Eur
  • Narrow bucket 800 mm: 240 Eur
  • Auger: 615 Eur
  • Ripper: 240 Eur
  • Rake: 240 Eur
  • Hammer: 1650 Eur
  • Quick connecto: 220 Eur


  • Model: GG1100
  • Brand: Günter Grossmann
  • Operating Weight: 1000kg
  • Digging bucket capacity: 0.025cbm
  • Bucket width: 200mm,340mm, 500mm, 800mm
  • Engine: Japan - KUBOTA
  • Rated power: 11,8 kw/2300r/min
  • Displacement: 0.854L
  • Main pump: Wanye Hydraulic
  • Swing motor: Dali
  • Traveling motor: Dali Dali
  • Travel speed: 1.5km/h
Operating range
  • Max. Digging depth: 1650 mm
  • Max. Digging height: 2610 mm
  • Max. Digging radius on ground: 2890 mm
  • Rotation radius: 360°
  • Max. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade: 345 mm
  • Max. Digging depth of bulldozer blade: 255 mm
Main dimensions
  • Overall dimension( LxWxH) 2770x896x1490 mm
  • Wheelbase 770 mm
  • Total length of track 960mm