Gunter Grossmann

The new Günter Grossmann GG015 compact loader. The Günter Grossmann GG015 loader (1500kg payload) is brand new. Günter Grossmann is a high quality machine made for a European company. The charger is very strong and can work in all conditions. The charger is very nice. The control panel is very nice and clear. The cabin is soundproof, insulated, equipped with heating, very comfortable and beautifully glazed, which allows safe and comfortable work.

The machine has a very durable construction. The machine is equipped with a quick coupler, which ensures quick change of accessories without leaving the cabin.

Additional equipment: 4 in 1 bucket,, crocodile gripper, crocodile gripper for trees, straw or silage.

We are the largest dealer in Poland, the Czech Republik and Hungary. We hava all spare parts for our brand machines.

Price list: 20500 Euro

GG015 loader + bucket + pallet forks + quick connector


Additional equipment for the GG015

  • Bucket 4 in 1 1010 Eur
  • Pitchfork 1010 Eur
  • Pallet fork 565 Eur
  • Quickhitch 565 Eur


  • Model GG015
  • Engine Xinchai
  • Engine type: In-line, water-cooled, four-stroke diesel engine
  • Rated Power: 36,8KW -( 50KM )
  • Rated Speed: 2200 r / min (rpm)
  • Steering System: Full hydraulic
  • Pressure in the system: 1,2 ~ 1,5 MPa
  • Brake A four-wheel hydraulic brake
  • Parking brake: hand operated
  • tire 12-16.5
  • Wheelbase: 2100 mm
  • Track: 1720 mm
Operating range
  • Bucket capacity: 0,7 m3
  • Bucket width: 1750 mm
  • Max. breakdown force: 36,8KN
  • Capacity: 1500 kg
  • Machine weight: 3550 kg
  • Ride: Four-wheel drive
  • Min. Turning radius: 4500 mm
  • The discharge height: 2650 mm
  • Driving system: Hydraulic converter
Main dimensions
  • Overall length (bucket in position on the ground): 5200 mm
  • Total height: 2730 mm
  • Overall width: 1540 mm