Gunter Grossmann

The only backhoe loader with such dimensions on the market.

The machine is characterized by high efficiency, professional new backhoe loader model: GG06 LX of the international brand Günter Grossmann. The machine is covered by a company warranty. The GG06 LX model is a great machine for construction, electrical and plumbing companies. We assure post-warranty equipment service.

Backhoe loaders are manufactured on the basis of high technology that has been used in our company for many years.

We are the largest dealer in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. We have all spare parts for machines of our brand

Price list: 16500 Euro net

Backhoe loader equipped with 2 buckets



  • Brand: Günter Grossmann
  • Model: GG06LX
  • Gross weight: 2280 kg
  • Engine: Kubota D1105
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Rated speed: 3000 (r/min)
  • Rated Power: 18.4(kw)
  • Displacement: 1.123 (L)
  • Cooler: Yes
  • Engine oil quantity: 4L
  • Excavator hydraulic pump: Parker USA
  • Loader hydraulic pump: PWG Italia
  • Loader hydraulic oil capacity: 84 L
  • Excavator hydraulic oil quantity: 42L
  • Hydraulic tank capacity: 22 (L)
  • Hydraulic tank capacity: 22 (L)
Operating range
  • Loader bucket capacity: 0.6 (m3)
  • Loader capacity: 600kg
  • Loader loading height: 2000 (mm)
  • loader digging depth: 240 (mm)
  • Loader bucket lift time at full load: 8 (s)
  • Loader bucket lowering time: 4 (s)
  • Rated excavator bucket capacity: 0.08 (m3)
  • Excavator max digging height: 3200 (mm)
  • Excavator unloading height: 1990 (mm)
  • Excavator Max. Digging Depth: 2490 (mm)
  • Excavator tilt angle (left/right°) 52/59
  • Excavator rated pressure: 20 (MPa)
Main dimensions
  • Length: 4900cm
  • Width: 1150cm
  • Height: 2350cm
  • Wheel specifications: 26×12.00-12 26×12.00-12
  • Loader bucket width: 1150mm
  • Min. Clearance: 155mm
  • travel speed: 12 (km/h)
  • min. turning radius: 2400 (mm)