Gunter Grossmann


Wheel excavator 8 t. Günter Grossmann GG800 – CO.

The machine is characterized by high digging power, low noise and reliability.
Our machine uses an energy-saving hydraulic system to guarantee users good quality and efficient operation.
GG800 – CO is one of the best and cheapest machines on the market.

We are the largest dealer in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. We have all spare parts for our brand machines..

Price list: 28400 eur.

Excavator GG800-CO + quick coupler + hydraulic bucket

GG 8000 - CO
GG 8000 – CO


  • Model: GG800 - CO
  • Brand: Günter Grossmann
  • Operating Weight: 7680 kg
  • Engine: Xinchai
  • Power: 82KM
Operating range
  • Max. torque: 193.2-210.6N.m/1260±100 rpm
  • Max. speed: 28km/h
  • Rotation speed: 12rpm
  • Capacity of the hydraulic tank: 175l.
  • Capacity of the fuel tank: 150l.